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In pain? Need a chiropractor?

headache neck pain chiropractor sandtonBack pain?  Headaches or migraines?  Neck pain?  Whiplash?  Sporting injury?  Pregnant and uncomfortable?  Birth trauma and colic?  Arthritis?  Jaw pain?
If you have any one of these troublesome conditions, chiropractic is a possible healing option for you.

Why chiropractors “click” joints

Have you ever felt the following symptoms?

  • Joint movement impaired or “locked”?
  • Irritated and/or “pinched” nerve? “Sciatica”?
  • Muscle spasm, trigger points (“pressure” points) or weakness
  • Inflammation and swelling in and around the joint

Then a chiropractic treatment (with adjustments) may help unlock these problems.  Treatment is gentle, hands-on, drug-free, surgery-free and aims to harness the body’s own powerful self-healing properties.

What to expect

Wondering what to expect on your first visit? A visit to our practice is similar to visiting your GP or other medical specialist. Our practitioners are qualified healthcare professionals, and so follow a similar methodology to other practitioners. You will receive the following services:

  • We listen: full history
  • We examine: full pertinent physical
  • We treat: focused chiropractic care
  • We educate: pertinent advice & exercises

Meet our team

sandton chiropractor homeopathOur team currently includes Dr David Peyton (Chiropractor) and Elzke Hoehler (Physiotherapist). Both are highly trained, competent healthcare providers, able to diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of cases.

Being trained to “first do no harm” we are able to co-manage conditions with other practitioners if complex, or refer if the condition is outside our scope.

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Additional Information

My headaches started six years ago. At first, weekly physiotherapy and pain killers kept most of the pain at bay. But eventually the long hours spent behind my books studying for my matric finals began to take its toll. After only one session with David, I had a lot of my movement restored and I’m able to start with light exercise. His method of treatment was essentially the bridge between where modern medicine failed me and a pain-free life. J. Rademan

After visiting David for the first time for a back spasm, I happened to mention that I had also been diagnosed with Plantars Fasciitis and have been struggling with this ailment for over a year with very little success at other doctors. After two sessions with David, I was back at Walk for Life and after 6 sessions back to walking my full distance three times a week. David is the ultimate professional and a highly recommendable chiropractor. C. Koller

For the past eighteen months I have been experiencing a steady decline in the range of movement in my left arm – I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon who diagnosed Bursitis of the shoulder -and prescribed anti inflammatories. I then consulted with David, and after regular therapy, following the exercises that David recommended and stretching my arms bit by bit daily, I am very happy to report that I have fully regained my arm function. T. Widlake

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Helping you keep your health in line