Your First Chiropractic Visit

Wondering what to expect on your first visit?  A visit to our practice is similar to visiting your GP or other medical specialist.  As a chiropractor, I am a healthcare professional, and so follow a similar methodology to other practitioners.

History Taking

Your first consultation will start with history taking.  I will listen to you as you explain your problem, and will ask pertinent questions to help form a diagnosis.  The history will include information about:

  • Your main complaint or need (where it is, what caused it, what makes it worse or better etc.)
  • Your medical history (surgery, injuries, illnesses, medication etc.)
  • Your family history (illnesses or diseases in the family)
  • Your system review (digestive system, lungs, heart etc.)



In the next part of your consultation will include a pertinent physical examination in which I will perform specific tests to confirm the possible diagnosis:

  • Observation (body balance and alignment)
  • Routine tests (muscle strength, reflexes and skin sensitivity)
  • Special tests (for specific muscles, nerves and/or joints)



After history taking and examination, I will be able to arrive at a possible diagnosis.  If more tests are required, you may be referred for x-rays or other special tests – or in some cases, referred to a specialist.  Depending on the diagnosis and how long the problem has persisted will influence the nature and number of treatments required.  I always carefully explain the possible diagnosis to every patient, the type of treatment I will give and my expectations (prognosis).  After changing into appropriate clothing (such as shorts and a gown), treatment for the average patient usually includes:

  • Soft tissue therapy (such as massage, dry needling, pressure (trigger) point release, stretches, soft tissue release, kinesiotape etc)
  • Chiropractic adjustments (click here for more information)


Post Treatment Care

After treatment, I send patients home with specific, relevant advice regarding exercises and stretches, lifestyle modification, ergonomic setup, posture and exercise routine.

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