What Is An Adjustment / Manipulation?

The Chiropractic Adjustment

The adjustment (or chiropractic manipulation) is a gentle, specific thrust delivered by hand (or sometimes an instrument) to a specific joint in a specific direction.  The adjustment aims to unlock, restore and enhance full joint function, to restore relative joint alignment, to ensure greater and improvement movement and to reduce pain.  The adjustment is usually accompanied by a characteristic “click” which is simply the formation of a gas bubble inside the joint fluid in the joint–not bones jamming together, or ligaments snapping etc.  The same thing happens when people “crack” their knuckles.

When full function is restored to the joints by means of the adjustment / manipulation, this allows your body to use its own healing ability–relieving muscle tension, lowering inflammation levels and reducing nerve irritation–creating a healthy balance for a physically fit future.

Why The Need To Adjust?

Pain is what you feel.  Loss of function results in pain, and this is is what your chiropractor looks for:

  • Joint movement is impaired (joint is “locked”)
  • The associated nerve(s) become irritated and in some cases, “pinched”
  • Muscle spasm, trigger points (“pressure” points) or weakness
  • Inflammation and swelling in and around the joint

This list of problems forms part of what chiropractors call a subluxation complex.  The chiropractic adjustment is a primary means of resolving the subluxation complex.

Is The Adjustment Safe?

For more information about the safety of chiropractic treatment and the adjustment / manipulation, please click here.

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