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My headaches started six years ago. At first, weekly physiotherapy and pain killers kept most of the pain at bay. But eventually the long hours spent behind my books studying for my matric finals began to take its toll. At the end of my matric year, I ended up at the Headache Clinic. After excluding any neurological cause for the pain, I was given a PMA device. This helped a lot at first, but as varsity started and I went back to the extended hours behind the books, the pain returned. And not just the pain, most of my back, neck and jaw started to go into spasm (24/7, with no medication or massage therapy bringing any relief). For the next five years, my parents spent thousands of Rands on specialist treatments, scans, bite plates and medications, but nothing worked. The pain started to affect my academics to such an extent that I considered leaving varsity. The chronic, debilitating pain started to affect all aspects of my life. I used to love sport or just about anything that involved being active. I had to stop all sporting activities, as even the slightest strain on my muscles would aggravate the spasms and pain. At one stage during my studies, I was taking 6-8 Tramacets and 3-4 Cataflams a day, just to get me through an exam. During these five years, I was under the care of numerous surgeons, neurologists, maxillo-facial surgeons, dentists and physiotherapists–each claiming that ‘their’ mode of treatment will cure my pain. From being a human guinea pig in their drug experimentations to a human pin-cushion, I had essentially given up hope for a pain-free life.

I was always aware of Chiropractors, but had never given it any thought. Being desperate and essentially willing to try anything for just a day without pain, I gave Chiropractic a try. After only one session with David, I had a lot of my movement restored and I’m able to start with light exercise. His method of treatment was essentially the bridge between where modern medicine failed me and a pain-free life.

J. Rademan, Medical student

After visiting David for the first time for a back spasm, I happened to mention that I had also been diagnosed with Plantars Fasciitis and have been struggling with this ailment for over a year with very little success. David questioned as to how I injured my foot and suggested it might not be Plantars Fasciitis but Tibialis Posterior trigger points referring pain into my foot. I have been to various podiatrists, orthopaedic surgeons and even been in a plaster cast – and was still not able to resume my exercise programme. Even a simple shopping trip was hell and left me hobbling around for the next two days.
After two sessions with David, I was back at Walk for Life and after 6 sessions back to walking my full distance three times a week. I am no longer in agony when walking and am bowled over at how quickly and efficiently my problem was both diagnosed and rectified. David is the ultimate professional and a highly recommendable chiropractor.

C. Koller

For 18 months, I experienced a steady decline in the range of movement in my left arm – I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon who diagnosed Bursitis of the shoulder -and prescribed anti inflammatories. He suggested certain exercises and said that if that did not work, surgery would be the next option. Luckily I was most reluctant to go that route, and realised that even with surgery there would be necessary work to rehabilitate my arm. Still, I did not see any possibility of improvement and just lived with the restricted movement. A few months later, my right arm started showing the same symptoms and one Saturday morning I phoned the practice in desperation as I was experiencing such discomfort in my back and neck and arms. David was in and was able to see me, and I cannot speak highly enough of his ability, knowledge and commitment. He asked me many questions about the pain and also did not agree fully with the initial diagnosis, but set about explaining how restrictions in the neck can cause irritation of the nerves, and pain and restricted movement in the shoulders.
After regular therapy, following the exercises that David recommended and stretching my arms bit by bit daily, I am very happy to report that I have fully regained the range of normal movement in both arms. I am very satisfied with the care and service I have received from David!

T. Widlake

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